With sexual maturation, the ability to procreate - or carry a pregnancy and give birth to a child - arises in any person.

After any sexual contact between a man and a woman there is a high probability of pregnancy if they do not use contraceptive methods.

Pregnancy can also happen following different technologies of assisted reproduction, such as in-vitro fertilization. (see more How pregnancy occurs?)

A woman or a couple can choose to have children or not. This choice is a fundamental right.

The pregnancy can be planned, expected, but also unexpected. In teenage girls, it could happen more frequently that the pregnancy occurs unintentionally and often it can be challenging to accept.

That is why, if a teenager has a missed period and suspects that she is pregnant, it is necessary to confirm this by taking a pregnancy test, visiting the gynecologist and  performing an ultrasound examination. (see more How a woman can realize if she is pregnant?)

Pregnancy tests are available in every pharmacy, and are affordable, in addition the teenager can receive them at any Youth Clinic in the country.

After confirming the pregnancy, if the teenager feels insecure, lost, or does not have a support person, she can turn to a YK specialist to receive the necessary support and help.

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