What is Youth Clinic?

Who can apply to Youth Klinic?

What questions/problems can teenagers and young people, and their parents, address at the Youth Klinic centers?

What specialists work in the Youth Klinic centers?

What services do Youth Klinic centers offer?

What is the cost of services in Youth Klinic?

How do I find the nearest Youth Clinic?

What does it mean to be ready to start having sex?

Do teenagers who masturbate have mental and other health problems?

Is the appearance of nocturnal pollution in boys (wet dreams) a sign of illness?

Why do girls have menstruation?

Can a young woman be considered a virgin only if she bled at first intercourse?

Can girls who have not yet menstruated become pregnant?

Shouldn't parents talk to pre-adolescent children and teenagers about sex, because it will arouse an unnatural interest in the subject and stimulate them to have precocious sexual relations?

What is the ideal method of preventing teenage pregnancy?

If a teenager has become pregnant, her only solution is to give birth, under no circumstances should she have an abortion?

How easily can we tell that another person is infected with a sexually transmitted infection, including HIV?

Can vaccination for HPV (human papilloma virus) lead to infertility?

What can a girl or boy do if they have been sexually abused?

Can disabled people give birth and care for children?